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Did you know that annually, the American food industry is a $1.77 trillion market? Per household, groceries and eating out represents about 10% of America’s total income. And Americans continue to spend and eat, and eat and spend, because food is a necessity of life. Here at Responsible Foods, we want to teach American consumers how to eat and shop so their budget supports the food brands going the extra mile to produce quality goods and make the world a better place.

We think it’s important to make those discretionary dollars count; after all we are shaping what will be America’s future. We hope to empower people by giving them more information when shopping—so they can feel confident in what products will work best based on their philanthropic values, nutritional standards, and sustainability practices within each brand.

It's our intent to go beyond the label. Are the food brands you shop more than just a pretty package? We've taken it upon ourselves to find out.

Here, we highlight food brands who take the time and resources necessary in order to give back, be environmentally responsible, and serve delicious healthy foods.

Give Back

We love watching food brands who are willing to give back to their communities, to important causes, and to the world. As an example, here in America, we have a haunting statistic that says roughly 12 million kids have gone to bed hungry over the last year. Our hearts go out to family that may be suffering for any number of reasons, but these articles serve the purpose of educating our American consumers to make their dollars count and support big business going a step above the rest.

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Be Environmentally Responsible

Food production is responsible for 25% of the greenhouse gases emitted annually, mostly coming from animal farms in the form of methane. Mother Nature clearly takes a hit from food production. And that’s not to mention the rise to introduce more farming, potentially mowing over forests to make way for big business.

Where there is big money, there is a lot of room for big mistakes. But that’s why we support companies doing their due diligence to leave the land better than how they found it.

Serve Delicious Healthy Food

Processed foods have altered the nature of eating. In order to make packaged food shelf stable for longer periods of time—giving big food companies a high profit margin—naturally-occurring ingredients, like fiber, are stripped and replaced with simple, shelf stable substitutes, like sugar. These foods also leave the consumer feeling less full, because the food lacks substance, and likely to crave more, because these ingredients provide a significant mental reward call dopamine. This means that the American consumer is eating more processed food with less nutritional value.

The result? Imperiled human health grows due to our addiction to added sugars which account for 77% of the foods found in grocery stores.

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Responsible Foods Mission

To advocate responsible food brands, educate American consumers, and inspire positive change.

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