Making a Difference: Dave’s Killer Bread, Ugly Drinks, and Quest Nutrition

Dave's Killer Bread

Businesses play a crucial role not only in the economy but also in the well-being of communities. It’s refreshing to highlight companies that go beyond profit margins and clever advertising to make a positive impact. Let’s look briefly at three companies and what they each do to make a difference

Dave’s Killer Bread: Giving People a Second Chance

This bread company was founded on the belief in second chances. Dave Dahl, the founder, spent 15 years in prison but turned his life around once he was out. Upon returning to the family bakery, Dave committed to creating the best thing since sliced bread—an even better way to enjoy bread, a bread packed with seeds, grains, and the best organic ingredients.

What sets Dave’s Killer Bread apart is the bakery’s dedication to what they call Second Chance Employment. By actively hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds, the company provides opportunities for a more hopeful future. This bold initiative has made a positive difference in the lives of hundreds, and it challenges the stigma and fear associated with criminal records. Every purchase of Dave’s Killer Bread supports not only the love of great-tasting bread but also a commitment to breaking down harmful employment barriers.

Ugly Drinks: Sparkling Water with a Sparkling Purpose

Based in the Big Apple, Ugly Drinks offers sparkling water with real fruit flavor, without sugar, sweeteners, sodium, calories, or guilt. What makes Ugly Drinks an inspiring company? This business is committed to social and environmental causes.

Partnering with Girl Up, the company supports the training of teenage girls to become leaders and changemakers in the movement for gender equality. Additionally, the company doesn’t just want their drinks to be sparkling. They want a sparkling ocean too! Ugly Drinks collaborates with Oceanic Global to raise awareness of ocean conservation. With every purchase of Ugly sparkling water, customers contribute to engaging new audiences and driving positive change in this effort. Notably, the company’s commitment extends to sustainability, with all cans being recyclable and recycled Ugly cans returning to the shelf in just 60 days, according to their website.

Quest Nutrition: Fueling Personal Quests and Community Impact

Quest Nutrition is driven by the philosophy of setting the bar (no pun intended) for protein-forward foods, but the company also has a broader mission beyond creating nutritious products. Committed to supporting people on their personal fitness quests, Quest Nutrition minimizes carbs and sugar while maximizing taste in their products.

But what’s also remarkable is the company’s dedication to community impact. Through the Quest for Impact grant program, Quest Nutrition awards grants to support local communities. Recently, Quest awarded $80,000 worth of grants to 5-Eleven Hoops, DEUCE Community, Soccer in the Streets, and Train of Thought. Each organization received $20,000 each to drive positive change. This initiative exemplifies Quest Nutrition’s commitment to making a meaningful and lasting difference in communities.

Positive Impact within Reach for All Businesses

In a landscape in which corporate social responsibility is gaining prominence, Dave’s Killer Bread, Ugly Drinks, and Quest Nutrition are four simple yet profound examples of how businesses can impact local and global communities in a positive way.

These companies are willing to move beyond their primary business objectives and actively contribute to social well-being, environmental sustainability, and community development. We hope their stories inspire more businesses to integrate purpose-driven practices into their core values, making the world a better place for all.