Seven Ways That Food Companies Contribute Charitably

In the past, many food companies have been criticized for not making charitable contributions. In recent years, that has changed drastically. Nowadays, it is common to see major food corporations donating large sums of money and time towards worthy causes in their communities and around the world. This blog post will outline seven ways that these companies are contributing charitably.

Funding Charitable Organizations

One way that food companies are contributing charitably is by donating money to various causes. For example, PepsiCo recently provided a $1 million grant to the American Red Cross in order to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Additionally, Coca-Cola has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) focusing on securing freshwater resources.

Encouraging Employees to Give Back

Another way that food companies are making charitable contributions is through employee volunteering programs. For example, King Arthur Flour employees have volunteered more than 6,000 hours in 2020 alone to help with various social projects, by a direct result of their company-wide program allowing employees a paid 40 hours a year to donate to charitable causes. Another example of giving back can be found at General Mills where an incredible 83% of employees were reported to have volunteered for charitable causes in their communities.

Supporting Local Initiatives

Food companies are also donating money to local initiatives in their communities. For instance, Starbucks supports needs of local communities by providing grants to local charitable organizations as nominated by community members. Since 2019, these grants have amounted to more than $5 million in charitable giving at the local level.

Sponsoring Sports Teams and Events

Food companies are also sponsoring various sports teams, events, and tournaments to help give back to the community. For example, GirlSports sponsored by Nestle USA is an educational program that encourages girls to have an empowering relationship with sports and physical fitness.

Providing Food to Help Feed Hungry People

Another way that many food companies are contributing charitably is by donating their products or services. For instance, Conagra Brands recently donated over 30 million pounds of food, translating to roughly 25 million meals to food banks across the U.S. Meanwhile, General Mills donated food in the amount of $41 million as reported in 2020, providing meals for families across America.

Sponsoring Events That Raise Awareness

Many food companies are sponsoring events that raise awareness about important causes around the world. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation is a social justice organization, raising awareness around the social injustice towards People of Color. Meanwhile, Kellogg's partnered with Hilton, Marriot, Sysco, and others to host breakfasts across the country to promote the “Share Your Breakfast” movement and reinforce the importance of breakfast as part of a nutritious diet.

Donating Unsold Food

Many food companies are also donating their unsold food to help feed hungry families around the world. For example, Panera Bread packages their breads and baked goods at each day’s end as their “Day-End Doughnation” to donate to local hunger relief organizations. Meanwhile, Starbucks has donated more than 5 million meals through their program Starbucks FoodShare.

These are just a few ways that food companies contribute charitably to help make the world a better place. Remember to support companies locally and nationally that are doing their part!