LÄRABAR: The Simple Ingredients of Social and Environmental Responsibility

Assortment of Larabars

It was just a hike, like the countless others she had taken into the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but little did Lara Merriken know she that she would come up with a mountain of an idea in the midst of this beautiful landscape: combine simple ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and dates to create a food product that is not only tasty and convenient but also wholesome. In that epiphanous moment in the year 2000, LÄRABAR was born.

Founding Principles

Lara Merriken, the founder of LÄRABAR, embarked on her journey with a vision to craft a very healthy product that would also taste absolutely delicious. Her commitment to simplicity and quality has resonated with many health-conscious consumers seeking convenient but nourishing snacks.

In 2003, LÄRABAR made its debut in the United States, offering Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, Banana Bread, and Chocolate Coconut Chew flavors. The brand was quickly successful and caught the attention of consumer goods giant General Mills, which purchased the brand in 2008. Under this new ownership, the brand was expanded to offer more than 30 varieties, including high-protein bars and options specifically for children. LÄRABAR’s commitment to consumer inclusivity is evident in its gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and Kosher-certified products. This ensures that nearly all consumers can enjoy a LÄRABAR.

Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Practices

LÄRABAR’s dedication to environmental sustainability is evident through the brand’s partnerships and how it sources its ingredients. The company collaborates with Fair Trade USA to ethically source cocoa, ensuring that farmers and workers receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. By supporting Fair Trade Certified products, LÄRABAR promotes environmentally sustainable farming methods and also prohibits forced labor.

Moreover, LÄRABAR is committed to using non-GMO ingredients across its product line, prioritizing transparency and consumer trust. While GMOs are not a concern for all consumers, they are for some. The brand has a laser focus on real, whole-food ingredients. Each bar contains between two and nine easily recognizable ingredients. And each bar is free from artificial sweeteners and soy derivatives. This dedication to pure and simple ingredients resonates with health-conscious consumers seeking clean and wholesome snacks that are minimally processed.

Advancing Regenerative Agriculture

Beyond the whole-food bars with ingredients that you can count on your fingers, LÄRABAR actively supports regenerative agriculture initiatives to reduce environmental impact and promote soil health.

In partnership with American Farmland Trust, LÄRABAR invests in regenerative agriculture efforts in California’s San Joaquin Valley, a region facing extreme water stress. This one-year partnership focuses on providing education and other assistance to women-owned farms, fostering the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices to improve soil health and water outcomes.

Through grants and support to small-scale growers, LÄRABAR aims to build economic viability within local farming communities, support environmental stewardship, and empower communities.

A Future of Simple Ingredients

LÄRABAR’s journey from a homemade batch of bars to a globally recognized brand demonstrates that simple and wholesome ingredients really can work. By prioritizing product transparency and sustainable practices, LÄRABAR is redefining and inspiring positive changes in the consumer goods industry. As consumers continue to prioritize health and ethics, LÄRABAR will continue to stand as a beacon of healthful snacking.